PhysioPerformance is a sport-specific approach to training athletes.  

On the day of the initial visit, a sport-specific movement assessment will be performed to analyze the athlete’s ability to perform the movements required by their sport.  The athlete will also undergo a series of sport-specific speed, power, and agility tests to objectively measure where they currently are and to monitor progress.  

We are a results-driven performance facility meaning that objective tests such as the broad jump and shuttle run will be performed every 8 weeks.  This allows our coaches to program based on specific strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.  Our goal is to set the standard, to be the best option for sport-specific training in the country, to build strong confident athletes, and to ultimately serve the athletes of Middle TN.  We are also here to serve recreational athletes and to promote student fitness.  

Not associated with a specific sport but want to build strength and confidence?  Come see what we have to offer.  

A weekend warrior on the tennis courts or softball field?  Avid Golfer?  We have the programming skills to optimize your performance.   


I highly recommend Dr. Schaefer to any baseball player that is suffering from lingering injuries or that just wants to optimize their performance.  His treatment and training approaches are baseball-specific and it was encouraging to work with someone that understands the baseball-specific needs of the body and speaks our language.
John Ray

Pitcher at TCU, Top Velo: 97

So I met Sam back in November of 2017 and had been looking for a coach for about 6 months at that time. I have broken my back and have permanent nerve damage in my right leg. Once other coaches found out about my injuries, they said they weren’t willing to take the risk of working with me; well, Sam didn’t see it that way.

He thought it would be a fun and cool challenge to work with me. So we started working in January of 2019 and it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my powerlifting career. He takes the time to work around and come up with exercises that don’t cause issues with my back while still focusing on increasing my strength. I was able to hit a 440lb squat 352.5lb bench press and a 440 lb deadlift in March of 2019 at Rhino Smash in Fayetteville NC after just a few months of training with him. Looking forward to seeing where this journey with him as my coach takes me!!

Rob Walding

Pitcher at TCU, 110kg Powerlifter

708 Berry Road
Nashville TN, 37204

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