Physical Therapy Evaluation

Every individual client and athlete is a unique human being, with a personal story and lived experiences.  We recognize that these characteristics influence perspective, goals, and thoughts.  Our physical therapy services provide unparalleled assessments and treatments in a 1-on-1 environment to allow a safe, effective and empowering return to one’s passions and goals.


Physical Therapy Follow Up Visit

For those who have already had their assessment.

Running Assessment

2 hour running analysis session to include a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation and a functional dynamic movement assessment.  Treadmill running analysis will then include multi-angle video recording and use of dorsaVi wearable sensor technology to provide greater detail into your running mechanics.  Will discuss running gait, footwear, and avenues for improvement.  Session will also include skilled hands on manual treatment, progressive exercise prescription and home corrective exercises.


30 Minute Dry Needling Session

Dry needling is a very effective manual treatment that involves a very thin monofilament needle being pushed through the skin in order to stimulate a trigger point. This form of alternative therapy is used to release tight muscle bands that are associated with trigger point, or hard “knots” within a muscle that can cause pain over a large area.

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